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Lawgic’s patented technology is licensed on a subscription basis only. The term of our subscriptions is either 12 or 4 months. Throughout your subscription period, you will receive periodic updates to your software at no additional charge. Our updates reflect recent legal developments and product enhancements. You should promptly install all updates you receive during the term of your subscription. The software will expire if not updated in a timely fashion or if you fail to renew your subscription.

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Lawgic subscribers are entitled to technical support at 877-2-LAWGIC (877-252-9442) / 904-223-2223 and limited telephone training in the use of Lawgic. If you have any questions or problems please call or e-mail us. If you like, we will schedule a phone training session so that you can fully utilize the power of Lawgic.

A subscription to Lawgic’s Intelligent Legal Technology® affords you a full range of benefits, including:

We hope you enjoy the benefits of using Lawgic software. If you have any questions regarding our subscription policy or services, please contact us.