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We offer a sophisticated software tool designed exclusively for trusts and estates and family law attorneys. Based upon the choices made by the attorney, this patented software automatically produces elegant documents that cover all of the issues that need to be resolved for the particular type of document. Trusts & Estates products even generate a summary of the will or trust that is easily understood by the client. Our subscribers have informed us that Lawgic saves between 5-10 hours per plan, typically paying for itself in the first or second use.

Our Products

Our Wills & Trusts titles help you create high-quality estate planning documents tailored to your clients’ individual needs. Authored by nationally recognized estate planning experts, the program's patented Intelligent Legal Technology® uses a question and answer session to guide you through the drafting process.

Now you can provide quality representation at an affordable price with the help of Lawgic™. We offer the expertise you require in this rapidly changing area of the law.

Dramatically accelerate the efficient production of complex legal documents


Lawgic lets you benefit from the combined expertise of our authors in one program.


Lawgic will typically save you between 3-6 hours per plan.


Unlike other products, we include all the training and support you need to make the most of your Lawgic subscription at no additional cost.


I have enjoyed using Lawgic’s Florida Estates & Trusts product and have promoted it among current and potential users…. The pricing is extremely competitive, and I do not think that you will find another program that uses more sophisticated or elegant provisions.



With Lawgic’s California Wills & Trusts, I am confident the latest developments in trustee powers, state laws, and regulations are covered so I can focus on the best strategy for my clients.



One of the good guys is winning for a change! I would like to continue with my subscriptions to Lawgic. Lawgic is a WONDERFUL product.


New Mexico

... But for me, the most astonishing benefit of being a Lawgic customer is the quality and the degree of customer support.



California Wills & Trusts is a highly intelligent program which does not underestimate the needs of the user.



Lawgic is the most critical tool I use in my practice.  It saves me tons of time, provides built-in legal analysis and produces elegant, up-to-date documents that my clients can understand.



Clients are astounded with the speed and thoroughness with which I can draft documents. Lawgic software is a win/win for practitioners and clients alike.