About Lawgic

Our mission is to dramatically accelerate the efficient production of complex legal documents and thereby increase the profitability of our clients.

We do this by offering a sophisticated software tool designed exclusively for trusts and estates and family law attorneys. Based upon the choices made by the attorney, this patented software automatically produces elegant documents that cover all of the issues that need to be resolved for the particular type of document. Trusts & estates products even generate a summary of the will or trust that is easily understood by the client. Our subscribers have informed us that Lawgic saves between 5-10 hours per plan, typically paying for itself in the first or second use.

How It Works:

Lawgic combines an intuitive question-and-answer process with relevant legal research, strategic analysis and dynamic text to guide professionals systematically through the creation of comprehensive, fully customized, complex legal documents. Lawgic 's titles are supported by case law, treatises and statutes contained in the Resources section of each product. All products are highly state specific, both as to the content and the reference material. As the law changes the software is regularly updated by renowned practitioners from each state, helping professionals keep their documents legally current.

Over 90% of our clients renew their subscriptions each year, a testimony to the value of this unique tool.

Founding Technology

In 1988, the late Fred D. Fagg, former Dean of the Lewis & Clark Law School , secured a grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust to pursue high-level software research at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Fagg and his team of programmers spent several years and over $10,000,000 designing a software program that combines an authoring tool and a run-time engine. It allows professionals to capture their practice knowledge and procedures and to dynamically apply that knowledge based on the unique circumstances of a matter. The program is protected by numerous patents.