We believe that selling the product isn’t enough. We want our customers to like our software, rely on it, and use it as effectively as possible. Take advantage of our training programs and get the most from your Lawgic software.

New Lawgic Users: Before creating your first Lawgic document for a client, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the program by creating your own estate planning or family law document, such as a will, trust, MSA, or premarital agreement.

To edit Lawgic documents correctly it is important that you click here to review and print the Editing Tips for Autonumbering topic for Word (or WordPerfect). It is also available by selecting HELP from the Lawgic menu and then HELP again. Then select Editing Your Documents.

The following is a list of training resources available to you:

1. Getting Started Guide: This user's manual is applicable to all products. We recommend you print and review it. Click here for a printer friendly version. (PDF) Click here for a word document.

2. Join One of Our Webinars: Lawgic offers free webinars for our subscribers. The sessions usually run about an hour and are limited to 10 attendees. If you are interested in attending a Lawgic webinar, please see our Training & Webinar page for options.

3. Schedule an Individual Live Product Training: Email or call us and we will schedule a live telephone training session with one of our customer service representatives. These sessions are limited to 1 hour per firm. To get the most out of the training, we recommend no more than three (3) 'hands-on' users per training, i.e. each user follows along on a computer. Additional users may attend the training to listen in.

4. Training Videos: We also have training videos available for viewing anytime.

Click here to view Lawgic Basic Training

Click here to view Editing Documents in Microsoft Word

5. Additional resources:

  • System Help: From within the Lawgic program, select Help on the Lawgic menu, then Help again. This includes excellent tips on how to use the program. We highly recommend you review the Editing Your Documents topic for Word or WordPerfect before creating your first document. Click here to review (and print) the Editing Tips for Autonumbering topic for Word (or WordPerfect).

  • ’How To’ Help (for estate-planning products only): From within the Lawgic program, select How To at Question 1 (Select An Activity). This displays numerous topics, including how to create various trusts on death, customize documents and create templates.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Click here to access the list of FAQs.

(* Note: Our product specialists can provide technical assistance as you use the software to document specific fact situations, but they do not provide legal advice. Lawyers using the software are solely responsible for legal advice rendered with the assistance of the software. Business users should have a lawyer review documents prepared with the software. See Lawgic's License Agreement.)