Hundreds of Our Trusts & Estates Clients Have Sent Us Unsolicited Testimonials—Here Is Just A Sampling

 “Lawgic is the most critical tool I use in my practice.  It saves me tons of time, provides built-in legal analysis and produces elegant, up-to-date documents that my clients can understand.”
RC, Jacksonville, Florida

“I have enjoyed using Lawgic’s Florida Estates & Trusts product and have promoted it among current and potential users…. The pricing is extremely competitive, and I do not think that you will find another program that uses more sophisticated or elegant provisions.”
— JH, Destin, Florida

"Thank you very much! You walked me through the fix incredibly quickly and Lawgic is indeed working as it should! Awesome product along with awesome support! Thanks again!"
— AB, Sarasota,, Florida

“Florida Wills and Trusts…is a tremendous product.”
— JF, Miami Shores, Florida

“I use the Florida Wills and Trust Module. Best legal document drafting program ever!”
— RH, Winter Park, Florida

“With Lawgic’s California Wills & Trusts, I am confident the latest developments in trustee powers, state laws, and regulations are covered so I can focus on the best strategy for my clients.”
— FC, San Francisco, California

“California Wills & Trusts…is great.”
— AJ, Long Beach, CA

“I will definitely continue my subscription. For once I will be welcoming a bill!”
— KG, Beverly Hills, California

“Clients are astounded with the speed and thoroughness with which I can draft documents. Lawgic software is a win/win for practitioners and clients alike.”
— PC

“I will be renewing my California Wills and Trusts program. I use it and rely on it almost daily. Thank you.”
— VS, Santa Monica, California

 “You have no idea how happy I am to be able to continue use Lawgic’s programs! I draft around 90% of all my documents using these Lawgic products. Thank you.”
— GJ, Healdsburg, California

“I am delighted, I use Lawgic nearly daily.”
— RH, Newport Beach, CA

“Lawgic provides a number of ways that the user can customize the system.”
— DE

“I have found no other product that can do what Lawgic does and I am extremely happy to hear that I will be able to continue to produce these high-quality documents for my clients. Thank you.”
— BJ, Safety Harbor, Florida

One of the good guys is winning for a change! I would like to continue with my subscriptions to the Lawgic. Lawgic is a WONDERFUL product.
— AC, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“We look forward to continued use of Lawgic!”
— WF, OCEANSIDE, California

“Congratulations! List me as a happy current and future user!!”
— TS, Northridge, California

“You have a wonderful product and I look forward to a continued relationship.”
— RJ, Rancho Cucamonga, California

“Yes, I will continue to subscribe to Florida Wills & Trusts. It is GREAT! I obtained Panel Publisher’s Essential Estate Planning Document System and prefer Lawgic’s version.”
— MH, Coral Gables, Florida

“I love Lawgic's products. Three cheers!”
— RB, San Bernardino, California

 “You guys did a great job on Lawgic …..”
— MH, Venice, Florida

“Hooray, I'm a very happy Lawgic subscriber!!!!”
— KZ, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

 “…I enjoy using the Florida Wills & Trusts program. It makes my life very easy.”
— MS, Sarasota, Florida

“I have been a subscriber to Lawgic's products and am very pleased with them.”
— JU, Elk Grove, California

Legal Software Reviews:

“Whether you’re new to this practice area or an expert, California Wills & Trusts has everything you need!”
— MF San Francisco, California

“Lawgic…establishes a standard of care for a practitioner consistent with current case law. Plus, it works and is fun to use. I recommend it!”
— HC

“The drafting software nimbly supplies users with the elements necessary to draft a will, pour over trust or other estate documents.”
— TA

“We like California Wills & Trusts and recommend it.”
— BB & BC (software review)

“What sets Lawgic apart from most respected print and CD-ROM-based treatises…is how it combines the research and drafting steps into a single action.”
— AA, California Law Business

“California Wills & Trusts is a highly intelligent program which does not underestimate the needs of the user.”
— JM, (software review)