The Question & Answer Dialogue

During a question-and-answer session, the expert author of your Title is always present. Think of this as a dialogue with an expert attorney. Here are some of the benefits of this electronic dialogue:

Instead of making you wade through a morass of potentially irrelevant questions, this program makes an ongoing evaluation of each answer you provide. With each answer, the software is assessing the next question's relevance, and modifying its phrasing, its available choices, and its related legal commentary. If you go back and change any answers, all answers are reevaluated and the question and answer stream may be dynamically modified.

For example, in the estate planning products if you answer ‘no’ to the question: Is Your Client Married?, the program will ignore questions relating to creating a marital trust and only ask relevant ones. If you subsequently change your answer to "yes,” you will be returned to the questions relating to the marital trust.

With a click of the mouse, the expert will provide you several types of important information, including legal analysis and practical advice relating to the current question. In addition, as you answer questions, the software simultaneously builds your document. Clicking the Progress tab in the Folders Window will display the section of the document currently being built.